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Tom Hayes


Known to his friends as a Professional Kid with more than 64 years of experience, Tom Hayes’ greatest achievement has been just getting this far! After losing his leg to cancer at the age of 13, Tom embarked on an ambitious and fearless journey.


During his 27 year career at Fuji Medical Systems, Tom grew a $200,000 territory in one worth more than $50,000,000.

Along with traveling the world pursuing extreme sporting adventures and being able to speak four languages, Tom is a nationally recognized comedian, magician, impostor, writer, entrepreneur, and motivational and keynote speaker.

Performing everywhere from comedy clubs to corporations, clinics to classrooms Tom     brings with him the experience and expertise to make your event one to remember. Combining classic and customized material, Tom’s act is adaptable for everyone from children to CEOs.   

Tom Hayes is currently the President and Founder of All Mighty Productions / Beantown Pals.

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All Mighty Productions / Beantown Pals is currently seeking venture capital and/or angel investors.

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